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SOMAFER : Le Boeuf de Race Limousine

Species:SOMAFER : Boeuf et Veau Origine France - VBF / VOF


   > BEEF: 100% slaughter in Viande Bovine Française and Race à Viande. Because of our location, in the heart of the Limousin, the Limousine Race is our specialty but other breeds can be worked as the Charolais, the Blonde d'Aquitaine, etc.

   > VEAL: 100% slaughter in Veau d'Origine Française. We offer a wide range of calves.

   > LAMB: 100% slaughter in Agneaux d'Origine Française. We are the specialist of Limousin Lamb: Baronet. We also work in partnership with slaughterhouses in Ireland and the United Kingdom.





SOMAFER : L'Agneau Français - L'Agneau du Limousin

Elaborations:SOMAFER : L'Agneau Français - L'Agneau Union Européenne (UE)


   SOMAFER offers a recognized know-how of slaughter to the individual portion:

   > The carcass: : The carcasses are sorted with the greatest care to meet the expectations of the most demanding butchers and managers of traditional departments.

   > The cut: : We offer cuts and muscles vacuum packed of beef, veal, lamb and sheep. We are at your disposal to study your requests and specifications.

   > Consumer-packaged meats:  A complete range of sliced ​​or processed products in a protective atmosphere provides the self-service department with irreproachable service and meat quality.

   > Offal, Frozen, Leather and Skin.


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